This episode continues our discussion of context within marriage. Today we'll look at how religion plays an important role in our marriage, and how each of our unique backgrounds have impacted us.

017: The Timbre of Marriage—Context, Part 02

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Context in Marriage

Last week we started our discussion of context within a marriage. We looked at a few different aspects of how our family context influences us: parents, siblings, chores, and traditions. Today we're going to take a look at how the context of religion plays an important role within our marriage as well.



When we talk about the context of religion, we're talking about what our families believed regarding God or spiritual things. We're also talking about how those beliefs impacted us. Within this topic, there are two key factors to consider. The first is the denomination we grew up in, and the second is how devout we (or our parents) were within that spiritual practice. 

To answer the first question, I grew up in a Christian family and spent my childhood going to a Baptist church. My parents were both raised in the Independent Fundamental Baptist denomination, but the Baptist church they raised me in wasn't quite as strict. During high school, I also joined some of my friends at their non-denominational, charismatic church on Sunday evenings. This exposure gave me a broader understanding of the different traditions within the Christian religion. Kyle, on the other hand, attended an Independent Fundamental Baptist church throughout his childhood. After he graduated, he ended up going to an evangelical Christian university for college. The dichotomy between the two traditions caused Kyle to question a lot of his faith. 

Both Kyle and I grew up in very devout families, and each of us became Christians at a young age. We both participated in our own versions of VBS (Vacation Bible School), attended church multiple times a week, and at home were encouraged to read our Bibles every day. A big difference between us, however, was that I was more devout on my own—apart from my parents. I read through my Bible in a year, went on prayer walks with God, and convinced my parents to buy me a purity ring. I was all in. Kyle was more skeptical about his faith. Outwardly he did a lot of the things he was supposed to do, but inwardly he questioned what he was taught. Both these similarities and these differences have played a part in the context of our marriage today.



Question: What religious tradition did you grow up in? How did that impact your relationship?


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