002: Introduction, Part 2

Welcome back to the Truly Equal podcast! In this episode, we’ll be sharing an overview of our story. We’ll talk about how we first met, Christi’s desire to be “just friends,” how we eventually started dating, the big proposal, and our lovely wedding.

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Truly Equal is a marriage podcast created by Kyle and Christi Playford. Our goal is to talk about marriage from a fresh perspective. We tell stories about our lives, talk about how marriage is like a love song, and give practical solutions to the problems we've encountered.

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Our Story

Before we delve into deeper ideas and issues within our marriage podcast, we'd like to explain the history of our relationship. This way you can better understand where we’re coming from and who we are as a couple.


How we met.

Even though we both attended Cedarville University, we didn't officially meet until after we graduated and were teaching English in China. In June 2014, Kyle’s A.C. went out in his apartment, so he ended up staying with some of my teammates. We eventually met one night when I agreed to be Kyle's Euchre partner. After the Euchre game we talked for a long time about Cedarville, past relationships, and God. From that time on, we talked almost every night. During this time, I thought we were just flirting since we were both heading back to America within the month, but after a couple weeks Kyle decided to tell me that he liked me. Shocked by his declaration, I was scared of commitment and wasn’t sure if a long distance relationship could work. Eventually I decided that we should just be friends. However, we kept e-mailing, so our communication never actually stopped. At the end of June/beginning of July, we both went back to America—Kyle to Michigan and I to Minnesota. We both experienced reverse culture shock, and started Facebook messaging each other to make it through that difficulty. That's when I started using emojis!


Don’t frown face me!

One night while chatting on Facebook, Kyle mentioned he was having a bad day. I responded by asking, “Why?” accompanied by a sad emoji. At this point, I was beginning to realize that I really did have feelings for Kyle, but I wanted to be sure before I told him. Kyle, however, thought I didn’t like him and was simply using him to get attention. Therefore, Kyle responded to my message by saying, “Don’t frown face me! If you want to date, then let’s date. But if not, I'm done with this.” This was the turning point in our relationship. Eventually we got everything sorted out and began weekly Skype dates.


Will you be my girlfriend?

After Skyping consistently for about a month, we met up in Ohio and Kyle officially asked me to be his girlfriend on August 22, 2014. We dated long distance for our entire relationship, so we got really good at Skyping. We Skyped twice a week for about four hours each time, and we tried to see each other in person about every other month. Early on we began talking about marriage, and about six months into dating we decided to start making plans for our wedding. 


The proposal

In February 2015 I flew out to Ohio to visit Kyle. We had already talked about having our wedding that summer, so I was hoping Kyle would propose that weekend. Kyle came through, and on February 20, 2015 he planned an elaborate proposal. After an entire romantic day together, we ended up at the Franklin Park Conservatory for the evening. Kyle had reserved a small table under a gazebo complete with champagne and roses. He knelt down on one knee and played Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran on his guitar while he sang. Then he read a beautiful letter he'd written to me, and at the end he pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes. After that, a whirlwind of planning began.


Our wedding

We set our wedding date for August 15, 2015. The ceremony and reception were held outside on a little farm in Buffalo, Minnesota. It ended up being the hottest day of the year, but a cool breeze from the nearby lake helped make it bearable. After our wedding, we set off for our honeymoon in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As a wedding gift, Kyle's uncle provided us a place to stay in one of his condos right on Ocean Boulevard. After our honeymoon, we flew straight to Ohio and started our lives there together. We stayed in Ohio for two years and then decided to move to Minnesota this past year to be near family.


(This is part 2 of 2 on introducing ourselves and our podcast. You can listen to part 1 here.)

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